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iCTS Myanmar Limited is a trading and consulting services company that was incepted in 2012. We aim to provide the engineering, installation and servicing of electrical substations, switchyards and transmission lines to meet the demand for energy efficiency in the Asia Pacific region while focusing mainly on the government tender process.

We intend to become the leading energy IPP in Myanmar by 2030 and continue the proven track record for quality assurance and commitment to our communities since the company’s establishment in 2012.

Company Vision

We strive to be a leading Trade, Consulting and Services provider in the Myanmar energy sector and to enrich the development of our local communities through efficient and sustainable energy generation.

Mission Statement

  1. We invest in trusting relationships with our local communities to understand their needs and cater our services for their maximum efficiency
  2. We uphold a high standard for ourselves in our work and are committed to following a consolidated project life cycle for electrical/renewable energy generation, distribution and construction services.
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Our Leadership Structure

The board of managing directors is the primary governing body of iCTS and has the duty to independently assess the organization’s decisions and oversee the activities of management.

The Chief Executive Officer will be appointed by the board of managing directors and has the duty of overseeing and executing the organization’s strategies.

Leadership structure
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Our Services


Substations are an important part of the electrical generation, transmission and distribution system. They transform voltage from high to low, or vice...

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The function of the electric power delivery system is to transport...

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Electric power transmission is the bulk transfer of electrical energy from..

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Our team of engineers has unmatched industry experience delivering superior work..

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Substations are an important part of the electrical generation, transmission and distribution system. They transform voltage from high to low, or vice versa, and provide the ties, transformation, switching and protection of the transmission and distribution systems.

Transmission systems typically include generation switchyards, interconnecting transmission lines, autotransformers, switching stations and step-down transformers. Substations use large transformers to convert a generator’s voltage up to extremely high voltages for widespread distribution on the grid. Beta’s substation projects have ranged from 15 kV to 500 kV.

One type of substation is an open air substation, which is the traditional design that uses the insulation properties of ambient air as an external insulating medium. These substations are generally constructed in an open, non-enclosed, non-atmospherically controlled environment and can be built either outdoors or indoors.

These air insulated substations (AIS) differ from gas insulated substations (GIS) in that the bus and equipment are more susceptible to the elements (temperature, contamination, animals, etc.) and they require much more space to build. However, air insulated substations also offer many advantages. They provide relatively easy access to bus and equipment for inspection and/or repair, they can be used for all voltage levels and they are generally cost effective and easy to expand in the future.


The function of the electric power delivery system is to transport electric power from generation sources to end users. Switchyards and substations are important components of this system.

A switching substation, or switchyard, is a substation without transformers that operates only at a single voltage level. Switchyards, used mainly for connections and interconnections, are essential for transmission, distribution, collection, and controlling the flow of electricity. The switchyard delivers power generated at the power plant to the electrical grid. Switchyards are generally classified by voltage level, circuit breaker and bus arrangements. Switchyards are often located directly adjacent to or near a power station.

Our electrical engineering team works with our civil engineering and project management departments to design and build high voltage projects across the country. We specialize in EPC services for gas insulated substations (GIS), switchyards, substations and high voltage transmission lines.


Electric power transmission is the bulk transfer of electrical energy from generating power plants to high voltage substations. Transmission lines, when interconnected, become the transmission networks, typically referred to as the power grid.

Electricity is transmitted at high voltages to reduce the amount of energy lost in long distance transmission. Power is usually transmitted through overhead power lines although underground transmission lines are sometimes used. High voltage transmission lines are made up of either copper or aluminum conducting lines suspended by towers.

Most transmission lines use high voltage three-phase alternating current (AC). High voltage direct current (HVDC) technology can be used to improve efficiency over extremely long distances.


Our team of engineers has unmatched industry experience delivering superior work on any project, from simple to complex. iCTS’s electrical engineers work with a project team of civil engineers and project managers to assist in the design, procurement and construction of high voltage substations, switchyards, power quality projects, transmission lines and other high voltage production and distribution projects.

Our electrical engineers work on design of protection and control systems, AC and DC equipment, communications systems and grounding systems.

Communication is part of the job to us. We don’t just talk; we listen and respond thoughtfully. We know that flexibility is key and work with our customers to develop specifications, timelines and solutions that are unique for each project. Our in-house team will guide you from initial design concepts all the way through construction and energization.

iCTS’s electrical engineering team designs and builds high voltage projects across the country, specializing in EPC services for gas insulated substations (GIS), switchyards and substations and high voltage transmission lines


Industrial Chemicals

iCTS Group provide several industrial /Food Grade Chemicals to diverse range of factories and labs across Myanmar.

Industrial chemicals are sourced from most reputable suppliers from India, Korea, Thailand and China at lowest prices without having to compromise on the quality and timely delivery.


iCTS have been awarded with exclusive dealership of Miles USA lubricants in Myanmar. Miles company is based in Farmingdale state of  New York in the United State of America.

iCTS planned to wholesale products from Miles Lubricants for the Myanmar market.

Miles has been in petroleum business for more than 70 years and has been executing OEM contracts for major brands in US and abroad. Miles has an excellent proven track record on their products.


iCTS plans to penetrate Iran bitumen and lubricant market in Myanmar by  wholeselling 60/70, 85/100 bitumen and lubricants SAE 40, 30 at a affordable and most competitive prices to our end customers in Myanmar

Refinenaries are located in USA.

Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metal

iCTS provide ferrous/non-ferrous metals, whether in ingots, slabs or sheets from qualified suppliers from around the globe. Our quality assurance team based in China, Korea, India will make sure that quality delivered is as promised and that delivery time is on track.

iCTS’s in-house metallurgical team ensures that not only the customer’s demand are met but also quality to price ratio is based off LME and historical data available.

iCTS plan to be the major provider of non ferrous /ferrous metal to Myanmar market by 2020 by consolidating and streamlining our supplier network and logistical networks.

Solar Technologies

iCTS can provide cost effective off-grid solar solutions to meet our individual client needs.

iCTS manufacture cutting edge technology LED solar street lights, building lights, high quality solar panels.

iCTS can provide a wide range of solar power solutions for a single home to a whole off-the-gird community for its electricity needs.

Solar technology these days have reached grid parity due to significant cost reduction in manufacturing. Hence, presents an alternative source of clean energy for not only Myanmar but also the whole world. Governments across the globe have been offering incentives to use green and clean energy to businesses and the residents alike.

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