Delivering energy efficient solutions for society

iCTS Myanmar Limited is a trading and consulting services company that was incepted in 2012. We aim to provide the engineering, installation and servicing of electrical substations, switchyards and transmission lines to meet the demand for energy efficiency in the Asia Pacific region while focusing mainly on the government tender process.

We intend to become the leading energy IPP in Myanmar by 2030 and continue the proven track record for quality assurance and commitment to our communities since the company’s establishment in 2012.

Company Vision

We strive to be a leading Trade, Consulting and Services provider in the Myanmar energy sector and to enrich the development of our local communities through efficient and sustainable energy generation.

Mission Statement

  1. We invest in trusting relationships with our local communities to understand their needs and cater our services for their maximum efficiency
  2. We uphold a high standard for ourselves in our work and are committed to following a consolidated project life cycle for electrical/renewable energy generation, distribution and construction services.

Founding Principles

Our founding principles are the core virtues on which we base our business conduct and defines who we are and what society means to us at iCTS.

Integrity 🡪 We vow to practice integrity in all work environments and provide full transparency in our business practices between our customers and potential partners. We believe in treating every entity with fairness and respect and will go the extra mile for a positive impact on our communities.

Duty 🡪 We have a duty to our customers in delivering the highest quality service possible on time, and intend to hold ourselves accountable for this task in order to strengthen our customer relationships for the long-term.

Development 🡪 We invest in our employees and capital to meet our customer’s standards through training programs and certified partners to enhance quality of our services. We try our best to facilitate a safe and hazard-free environment for our employees to be able to expand their skills and also better serve our society.

Our Leadership Structure

The board of managing directors is the primary governing body of iCTS and has the duty to independently assess the organization’s decisions and oversee the activities of management.

The Chief Executive Officer will be appointed by the board of managing directors and has the duty of overseeing and executing the organization’s strategies.

Subcontractors and Partnerships

We take pride in collaborating with subcontractors who share the same expectation of quality, safety and integrity as iCTS Myanmar and are keen on fostering substantial long-term relationships with subcontractors for future projects that help to develop Myanmar. Our subcontractors are required to:

  • Provide all basic company information, including business organization type, certifications and license numbers.
  • Sign a subcontract agreement that details the industry standards and guidelines to be followed.
  • Provide evidence of sufficient safety practices that are in line with iCTS conduct.
  • Provide a proven track record of previously awarded tender projects and any accidents occurring in the projects.
Leadership structure

Our Services

Electrical Substations

Electrical Substations are an essential component to the transmission, distribution and generation process. We engineer and procure step down transformers, power substations and switchgears that convert voltages from high to low or vice versa. Our team of experienced professionals and project managers have contributed to our successful track record of implementing switchgears and transformers in environmental conditions across Myanmar ranging from 11kv, 33kv, 66kv, 230kv and 500kv transmission in the step-up and step-down process and also 230V and 400V distribution type substations used for distribution to end users. We specialize in the engineering and construction of GIS (Gas-insulated substations) which are high voltage substations where major structures are contained in a seal environment with sulfur hexafluoride gas as the insulating medium and also conventional AIS (Air-insulated substations) that utilize air for phase to phase and phase to ground insulation.

Transmission Lines

Electrical transmission is the process of delivering generated electricity over long distances across generators to high voltage substations, and the distribution grid. We specialize in both overhead and underground transmission lines across 11kv, 33kv, 66kv, 230kv and 500kv in engineering, construction and maintenance services. Our experience in irregular terrain and varying locations is result of our flexibility and commitment to quality in project management and is evident of our long-lasting relationships with our local communities on the national grid.


Switchyards are a form of substations specialized for making voltage suitable for transmitting from the power station to the electrical grid. Switchyards do not require step-up or step-down transformers and operate on a single voltage level, and are located adjacent to power stations. Switchyards are one of the components that we specialize in, and our engineering and design professionals work in close liaison with project managers to successfully implement high voltage switchyards and substations in the country.

Our Products

Our products and services are divided into 7 categories that classify the function of products and services.

Category A - Renewable Energy Service

Off-grid solutions

  • - Home Solar system
  • - Public Solar system

On-grid solution

  • - Mini-grid solution
  • - Solar Power Plant
Category B - Power Cable and Accessories
  • - Low voltages
  • - Medium voltages
  • - High voltages

(Overhead & Underground Cables)

  • - associated cable accessories
Category C - Electrification of Street light
  • - Power Line Street Light
  • - Solar Street Light
Category D - Power Electric Distribution Line Accessories
  • - 400V
  • - 11kV
  • - 33kV
  • - 66kV
Category E - Metering and Management System
  • - Single Phase and three phase power meter
  • - Current Transformer Meters
  • - Potential Transformer Meters
  • - Meters Reading Instrumentation
  • - AMI and AMR Integration
Category F - Water Meter Management System
  • - Water Monitoring Meter
  • - Water Meter reading Instrument
  • - Water Meter AMI and AMR Integration
Category G – Offered Services
  • 1. Trading
  • 2. Engineering
  • 3. Procurement
  • 4. Construction
  • 5. Commissioning
  • 6. After sale services

Safety Standards

Safety is an aspect of our business practice that we weigh in every decision we make. We are committed to providing a safe and accident-proof work environment for our employees and invest heavily in training programs that teach safety precautions and the help of project leaders who provide supervision to on-site activities. Every employee is required to pass a safety and technical qualifications exam before they are allowed to work on-site for projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

iCTS recognizes the impact organizations can have on the world we live in and intends to commit towards ethically sound practices that will have a positive impact on our customer, employees and communities. We believe in

  • Ethical partnerships with entities or organizations that do not compromise our Code of Conduct and partake in labor exploitation.
  • Equal Opportunity for all potential employees of iCTS and pledge not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion or gender.
  • Community involvement in our decision making and business practices to leave a positive impact on our stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability

We value our natural environment and believes in preserving it. Keeping our environment unpolluted is paramount to the success of our society and an interconnected population. We vow to follow sustainable practices when disposing of garbage, and strive to work with partners that care as much as we do about our environment and use manufacturing processes that leave as little carbon footprint as possible while attaining the best quality of products and services.

Tender Projects

iCTS Myanmar gears its services towards government hosted tender projects that are bided amongst other competing businesses and organizations. We take pride in being the top of our class in this sector from our extensive experience participating in the majority of government-issued electrical tender projects in Myanmar both as a contractor and a subcontractor. Our versatility in working with varying conditions and sociopolitical factors are paramount to our success. We have worked in numerous regions and states across Myanmar not limited to Mandalay, Taunggyi, Yangon, Irrawady, Rhakhine, Chin, Karen and Shan state.

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No.47, 4th Floor, Maupin Street, Kyun Daw Quarter, SanChaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

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